Life after Google Reader

My first reaction to the news was to grab my data and remove Google Reader from bookmarks. I am not in the habit of clinging to doomed platforms. The downloaded zip archive has a few files with self-explanatory names. For example, subscriptions.xml is the list of subscriptions, which can be imported, for example, to Netvibes. Which is what I did, having found the Reader mode of Netvibes a reasonably close approximation. Some of the keyboard shortcuts work the same way (J and K), but most are different:

Netvibes reader shortcuts
Netvibes reader shortcuts

There is no native Android app, and the webapp does not play well with Opera Mobile. At least it works with the stock Android browser:

Netvibes version of “star” is “mark to real later”. But apparently, there is no way to export the list of such items. (Export feeds returns only the list of feeds.) The list of items of interest is more important to me than my collection of feeds.

Besides, I already have two sizable lists of such items, courtesy of Google: shared.json, from back when Google Reader had sensible sharing features; and starred.json from recent years. I guess my next step will be to work out a way to merge this data and keep it up-to-date and under my control in the future.

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